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this is the happiest of my life in the age of 14...because i had my class last year feast...but we have set a cafe,,but before we all get it,,,<<
we need to explore in the muddy water with my beloved frenss,,but i really annoyed me...however,,i remain happy,,when we travel all together..n our frent called wanie,hada,nurin, raihanah...us because they do not follow the othe route and we met near the stations,,,
when we reached the middle of the road ,,we received a call from idznie...who is??she is my frent...she said do not open another cafe,,so we went oo nearby mosque while waiting idzni,ct,tasya ready to buy when they reach the cake,.,.,.
we continue to leave the cafe ,,,lemon grass cafe...
with enthusiasm..we went they took pictures with happy..comes at a cafe,,,we see the server is hung with a lot of balloon n we have prepared a slideshow of my frent,,
we were served with a lot of food thAt cannot bespent,,so we atewhile view the beauty slideshow..
at the same time,,we displey photo n this is the happiest day,,



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